PS 54 serves a multilingual, multiethnic community, and all communication must be accessible to our families. To that end, we translate all written correspondence into Spanish. We must do our best to accommodate families in understanding information in their native language when communicating in English presents a challenge.

Class Parents

Each class should have two class parents who can assist the classroom teacher with organizing special events, recruiting volunteers, and with class projects. Please give Ms. Umpthery and your grade leaders the names of your class parents by the end of September, as they will be invited to workshops and provided with additional support.

Family Friday

Once a month on Friday mornings from 8:30 – 9:30 PS 54 invites families (PK-5) to participate in learning activities with their children. Please see the Community Calendar for a list of dates. These activities may be grade-wide, or determined by the classroom teacher. Please let the grade leader for your grade know the focus for your class one week prior to the event. Please ask families to sign in during Family Fridays, as we are tracking parent involvement closely. Ms. Umpthery can provide you with a sign-in sheet, and will also collect completed sign-in sheets.

Every month, each grade and cluster is responsible for writing a grade-wide parent newsletter in order to keep families apprised of curricular units, field trips, and activities they can do at home to support children’s learning. These should be submitted to Ms. Drummond for approval and translated before distribution to families. The purpose of this is to review content, grammar and syntax.

In the 2015-2016 school year, newsletters for Pre-K -5th grade and cluster will be sent out to families according to the following schedule:

  • Sept/Oct news: Distributed to families 9/17,
  • Nov: Distributed to families October 30,
  • Dec: Distributed to families November 20,
  • Jan: Distributed to families December 18,
  • Feb: Distributed to families Jan 29,
  • March: Distributed to families Feb 26,
  • April: Distributed to families March 24
  • May: Distributed to families April 22
  • June: Distributed to families May 27

In order to meet these due dates, you must submit your newsletters at least one week in advance to Ms. Drummond.

Interim Conversations/Parent Communication Log

In addition to bi-annual Parent-Teacher conferences and bi-annual curriculum and end of year conferences, teachers should plan to have ongoing meaningful communication with each child’s family over the course of the school year.

These conversations can take place over the phone, at dismissal, or in formal meetings; however, all such conversations must be recorded in the Parent Communication Log. Tuesday professional time is available for these conversations.